RTD Transit Watch app continues to garner a significant number of weekly downloads

DENVER (May 5, 2022) — Transit trips are increasing as more people are returning to work, running errands, and attending events. As more customers start riding buses and trains again,, RTD is encouraging customers to be partners in safety by downloading the RTD Transit Watch app. . Since Jan. 1, the app is seeing 51 weekly downloads, on average. The total downloads for the first quarter of 2022 is already 34% of the entire number of downloads for 2021. Available in the Apple and Android app stores, the Transit Watch app allows customers to report unsafe conditions and behaviors on RTD’s buses and trains and at RTD stations and bus stops to RTD Police Dispatch. 

Reporting unsafe conditions and behaviors promotes a better transit experience for everyone. In addition to being able to dispatch resources to situations, RTD Transit Police also use the Transit Watch app to identify activity trends. That data helps inform decision-making on patrols and outreach efforts. During the first four months of 2022, customers submitted 831 incident reports using the Transit Watch app. A majority (392) were related to drug activity, suspicious activity (111), or some other issue (112).  

On April 4 RTD Transit Police increased presence on RTD buses and trains. At that time, the police force was restructured into four patrol-specific teams:  Bus Impact Team, Rail Impact Team, Mental Health and Homeless Outreach Impact Team and a Community Engagement Impact Team. 

This restructure allows each of the four teams to focus their efforts within respective areas of responsibility. Over the three weeks that followed since the changes were enacted, the RTD Interim Chief reports:  

  • The Bus Impact team had 891 contacts and a total of 11 arrests, citations or suspensions  
  • The Rail Impact team had 973 contacts and a total of 18 arrests, citations or suspensions  
  • On light rail, RTD data show 500 disturbances In February, 300 in March and 237 in April. 

To ensure RTD Transit Police has all the information they need to act, customers should be as detailed as possible when submitting incident reports.  

  • Location details: When on a bus or train, note the vehicle number and location of the vehicle (where it is on its route). If at a station or bus stop, state the station name or bus stop number. If a bus stop number is not easily visible, cross streets can be used instead. If an individual is leaving a location, be sure to share their direction of travel. 
  • Suspect details: If an individual is causing an unsafe condition, include a description of the individual (sex, height, body type); the clothing they are wearing and any objects in their possession.  

Customers submitting incident reports have the option to remain anonymous. If they choose to provide their contact information, RTD Police Dispatch may reach out for additional information. 

When submitting incident reports, timing can be critical. When you see something, say something as soon as it is safe to do so. It can be difficult for RTD Transit Police to act on a submitted report when it is not submitted timely. 

Customers who do not have a smart phone can contact RTD Transit police by calling 303.299.2911 or texting 303.434.9100. Transit Police can be contacted via email at [email protected].