From Shabby to Chic: Refurbished Benches at Wagon Road Park-n-Ride

Sustainability is not only good for the environment, but makes business sense. At RTD, our Capital Programs team identifies ways to reuse or repurpose existing materials. Because another product does not need to be manufactured or transported to complete a task, RTD saves money while also reducing its carbon footprint.

A recent example is the benches at the Wagon Road Park-n-Ride in Westminster. RTD landscape architects, Tom Papadinoff and Rick Fahlstedt, were tasked with updating the Park-n-Ride. The two examined the layout, which includes a centralized gazebo, and concluded that walkability and comfort could be improved if the weathered benches were removed and placed more strategically.

Both evaluated the wood and hardware of the benches and determined that despite being over 20 years old and exposed to the elements, RTD could reuse the materials to make new benches. The wood was removed, stripped, sanded, stained and sealed, and the steel hardware was cleaned and powder-coated to ensure the benches were sturdy, comfortable and could handle all types of weather.

By reusing existing materials, RTD was able to keep thousands of pounds of usable material out of the landfills. Other salvageable material from the facility has been saved and will be incorporated in future projects.

One of the benches refurbished by RTD's Capital Programs team