Starting today, RTD customers can travel with e-bikes

Beginning today, RTD customers will be permitted to travel with battery electric bikes, commonly known as e-bikes.

E-bikes may be brought aboard RTD rail vehicles. Bikes of any kind are not allowed inside buses. Please note the following guidance and exceptions:

  • E-bikes must be no more than 55 pounds, with tires up to 2.3 inches in width, to be loaded onto any bus-mounted front bicycle rack
  • If the bicycle rack is full on Regional and SkyRide buses, the bus operator will determine if additional bicycles can be loaded in the luggage compartment beneath these vehicles
  • Gasoline-powered vehicles remain prohibited aboard all transit vehicles

E-bikes continue to be prohibited on MallRide and MetroRide vehicles, which were not designed to carry bicycles or scooters.

E-bikes may not be brought onto the light rail high blocks, which are intended for use by individuals with disabilities. Please click here to learn more about accessibility across RTD services.

To draft its policy, RTD staff worked with the American Public Transportation Association and studied the approaches of other agencies to understand their practices and consider whether e-bikes could safely be accommodated on the RTD system. RTD continues to benchmark its e-bike policy against those of other U.S. transit agencies.

To read RTD’s policy regarding bicycles and scooters on its vehicles, click here. To learn more about how to bring a bike on RTD’s buses and trains, rent a bike locker or store a bike at a Bike-n-Ride shelter, visit the Bike-n-Ride webpage.