Stay safe around trains

At RTD, customer safety is paramount and while agency staff work hard to ensure customers travel safely, there are ongoing instances of risky behavior near RTD’s rail system. 

When it comes to rail safety, RTD agency is not alone in this challenge. Over the last 10 years, approximately 20,000 Americans have been killed or seriously injured while engaging in unsafe behavior around railroads, and nearly 95% of rail-related incidents involve vehicle-train collisions or people being struck by trains. 

Without question, the pandemic has seriously impacted personal and professional lives. However, railroad-related deaths and injuries continue to occur in the community. With nearly 100 miles of RTD rail tracks in operation within the Denver metro area, it is important to learn about rail safety and how making smart decisions around rail systems can reduce injuries and deaths. 

On the platform: 

  • Do not attempt to chase a moving train. If a train is missed, wait for the next one. 
  • Stand behind the yellow stripe until the train makes a complete stop before boarding. 
  • Limit distractions from cell phones and loud music. 

At the railroad crossing: 

  • Follow safety signage and obey warning devices like flashing red lights and gate arms. 
  • Stop and wait for crossing gates to fully rise before crossing the tracks. 
  • Only cross at designated rail crossings. 
  • Never walk or bike along the tracks – it's illegal and dangerous. 
  • Always look both ways before crossing the tracks. 

 Safety is everyone's responsibility. Download the Transit Watch app available for Apple and Android devices to report unsafe situations.