Train Horns In Use As Work Continues

Work is scheduled to continue through Wednesday, August 14, 2019 as three crossings along the University of Colorado A Line continue to need improvements. As part of the required safety measures in place during this work, horns will be sounding as trains approach the following crossings:

  • Dahlia Street
  • Holly Street
  • Monaco Street

Work and the sounding of train horns are anticipated through Wednesday. This work is being conducting as part of enhanced grade-crossing modifications. During these updates, please remember to obey traffic signs and safety measures in place.

Train operators maintain the discretion to use train horns under circumstances requiring additional safety precautions and may sound at any other crossing.

Service on the University of Colorado A Line will not be impacted during this work.

Once work is complete, trains will resume quiet crossings, using horns only when necessary for safety. Thank you for your patience!

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