Transit Unplugged TV airs second episode of two-part series featuring RTD

RTD’s extensive transit system is featured in a new two-part series by Transit Unplugged TV, a national podcast that interviews top public transportation leaders about transit operations and trends. 

Transit Unplugged TV with photos of Paul Comfort and Denver

In part one, which aired Oct. 14, Transit Unplugged TV host Paul Comfort learns from RTD General Manager and CEO Debra A. Johnson how RTD is making lives better through connections, talks with Sgt. Jessica Chaine about how mental health clinicians are partnering with transit police, and visits Denver’s extensive rail operations with RTD Assistant General Manager of Rail Operations Dave Jensen. Plus, Comfort has lunch at RTD’s Union Station and talks about the advantages of public-private partnerships with urban transit expert Mark Grodin.

In part two of the series, released Nov. 11, Transit Unplugged TV host Paul Comfort highlights RTD’s innovative approach to public mobility related to transit and rail, and the importance of transit in connecting to airports like Denver International Airport.

Comfort tours an RTD bus maintenance facility and hears from RTD Chief Operating Officer Michael Ford about how the agency is using apprenticeship programs to hire and train more maintenance mechanics.

Then, Comfort boards a 16th Street MallRide shuttle to Denver Union Station to talk transit with RTD Assistant General Manager of Bus Operations Fred Worthen. At Union Station, Comfort meets with Jensen again to discuss commuter rail post-Covid and hears from RTD General Manager and CEO Debra Johnson how Union Station serves as an intermodal hub that connects with an international hub that is the third busiest airport in the world.

Finally, Comfort takes the “Train to the Plane,” and speaks with Denver International Airport, and former RTD General Manager, Phil Washington about what the transit industry can learn from the aviation industry.

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