Traveling Safely

Whether traveling by bike, bus, train, or car, RTD reminds all road users of the shared responsibility to keep themselves and others safe when getting around.  In 2020, customers boarded RTD buses and trains 52,616,640 times. Help RTD be partners in safety by being aware of surroundings and being respectful of community members when traveling.  

When traveling by bus: 

  • Wait for the bus to make a full stop before boarding and exiting 
  • Do not chase a moving bus 
  • Passengers riding the bus alone at night can ask the operator if a Night Stop is available 
  • At night, use a phone’s flashlight feature to light up the area around you so the operator can see you are waiting at a stop 

When traveling by rail: 

  • If an emergency arises onboard, push the passenger emergency button and the intercom button to signal to the operator that there is a problem. On light rail vehicles, the emergency buttons are on the overhead panels above the exit doors, and the intercoms are located at either end of the vehicles. On commuter rail vehicles, the emergency button is located outside the operator’s control room, and the intercom is in the wheelchair accessible zone.  
  • Look up when walking through the terminal and station platforms to avoid trips, slips, and falls 
  • RTD Transit Police are available to assist passengers on both rail and bus: 
    • Report situations using the TransitWatch app, available on Android and Apple devices 
    • Call 303.299.2911 or text 303.434.9100 or email [email protected] 
    • More information about Transit Watch is available here  

When traveling by car: 

  • Obey speed limits. There is a 50% chance of a fatality or severe injury when a vehicle involved in a crash is at a speed of 40 mph or greater according to the federal Department of Transportation 
  • According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, distracted driving causes 42 crashes every day—pay attention to surroundings when operating a vehicle 
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks 
  • Listen and watch for rail vehicles approaching rail crossings and obey all signals—do not race to cross in front a train 
  • Give bicycle riders at least 3 feet of distance when passing. If that is not possible, slow down behind them until there is enough space to safely pass them 

When traveling by bike or on foot: 

  • When crossing the street, look both ways and do not step off the curb until eye contact is made with any oncoming drivers 
  • Only cross train tracks at designated crossing points, and only when safe to do so 
  • Wear bright, reflective colors if out late at night, as choosing darker colors makes it harder to see people at night 

Being aware of surroundings, and remaining respectful of others, ensures that all Coloradans make it safely to their destinations, regardless of how they choose to get around.