Profile of Michael Ford, COO

Hear from Michael Ford, COO, speak on how communication, core values and collaborative environments contribute to our vision forward here at RTD.

Reimagine RTD with Dave Genova

Public engagement will be a key element during our two-year Reimagine RTD process. Through your feedback, we will identify gaps and propose solutions to provide mobility options people desire for the future. Watch the video to learn how you can get involved.

25th Anniversary of Light Rail

RTD's first light rail line opened on October 7, 1994. Join us as we commemorate 25 years of connecting Denver area riders on the D Line. All aboard!

RTD Light Rail Rodeo August 2019

Learn about this year's Light Rail Rodeo including results for how AGM of Rail Operations Dave Jensen and Chief Safety and Security Officer Mike Meader did. All aboard!

RTD Bus Roadeo 2019

Meet the challengers from the 2019 Bus Roadeo. See their driving skills in action as they navigate the obstacle course.

RTD 50th Birthday

We've had 50 great years and are looking forward to the next 50 years! Thank you for helping us celebrate.

RTD Free Mallride

Learn more about the iconic Free MallRide. The 16th Street Mall opened in 1982 and continues to provide a valuable service to help those downtown get to their first and last mile destinations. With thanks to the Denver Public Library and Boston Public Library.

Eric Holcomb

Eric Holcomb has driven the 15 along Colfax for the last 18 years and plans to do it for the next 12 years. His enthusiasm and character shine through this video--RTD is lucky to have him!