RTD System

Each month we highlight operators or other staff members for their exceptional customer service. This month we would like to feature commendations that reflect our commitment to the community we serve.

All Operators  - December 2018

From Dan Farley:

“I would like to commend the whole system! My wife and I are well into our 60’s so venturing out onto the train system in the metro area was daunting to say the least because we NEVER travel the mass transit system. We LOVED it! The security was enough to feel safe and the passengers were good and while it’s a different world now for us old geezers, it was pleasant and the price was much better than I anticipated. So, GREAT JOB RTD!”

From Kat Nugent:

“I had driven into Denver early to get my daughter a car to use for driving to school in Fort Collins, and planned to take the light rail back to Nine Mile. What a wonderful ride! The light rail train was exactly on time, it was a smooth ride and I found myself just staring out the window as I traveled virtually alone through Denver towards the southeastern suburbs. Thanks for a smooth ride, a clean car, and a great experience.”

From Cara McKellar:

“Another amazing driver, helpful, friendly, professional and polite. My journey on RTD today was wonderful because of the drivers.”