RTD Security Staff

Each month we highlight operators or other staff members for their exceptional customer service. This month we would like to share commendations for the great work of our security staff.

RTD Security Staff  - January 2019

From Larry McNulty:

“Today on my way to work at Denver airport I observed a heartwarming kind action by one of RTD’s transit guards. When coming through the train for a fare ticket a mute passenger was asked to show his ticket. He was unclear what he was being asked and asked in sign language. The guard then signed back and this passenger’s face lit up with a big smile. They then went on to have a brief conversation about the process of checking in at the airport. The young kid sitting next to me even said, “Wow man that was freaking awesome!” I think everyone that observed the moment was impressed with this transit guard.”

From Kelly Martin:

“The transit security personnel, both this morning and evening, and for the past couple of days have been very proactive, polite, engaged and generally useful. They seem to genuinely care about riders, and even remember riders from previous rides. The ticket checks are efficient and unobtrusive. The personnel are proactive in helping those with disabilities and informing new passengers regarding both regulations and logistics. As a visitor to Denver, I appreciated all the efforts by these individuals to make the transit experience as easy and pleasant as possible. I hope the both drivers and security personnel remain this engaged and appreciated as time moves forward and this rail service becomes an everyday convenience.”

From Frank Chao:

“My friends and I were visiting Denver, Colorado for the first time and thought that TSO Luke Duncan was an excellent ambassador to the city. He gave my friends and many other visitors on the train from the airport to Union Station recommendations and advice for navigating the city. He was warm, polite and I thought he did a wonderful job representing the city and RTD.”

From James Heavrin:

“I am riding on the A Line and one of your officers is the living definition of hospitality. A gentleman asked for directions and the officer took out his personal phone and looked up directions for the gentleman and explained where the gentleman should go. He was very patient with the person he helped and even pointed at the direction he should start walking. This kind of hospitality is unfortunately rare in this day and age, and I wanted to let you know of his kindness. Thank you again for RTD and everything that you do.”

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