RTD Operators

This month we would like to feature commendations that reflect the commitment our operators make to provide safe, clean, reliable, courteous and accessible service for our customers throughout the district.

RTD bus and train operators have a tough job. They are the first faces many of our riders see first thing in the morning and the last on our way home in the evenings. Operators are responsible for route information, employing defensive driving techniques, maintaining a professional demeanor under stress, making public address announcements, answering and solving transit-related concerns, and exercising judgment under a variety of constantly changing operating conditions. Every day we trust and rely on them to get us where we need to go safely and on-time.

RTD Operators  - February 2019

From Joe B.:

“Driver is the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding with. He is always so happy and kind! Definitely makes riding the bus enjoyable. Thank you.”

From Brett M.:

“This driver is (was) extremely friendly, waiting until everyone was seated before departure, and even gave valuable information on landmarks in addition to explaining connecting routes and their destinations in detail. His ride was smooth and pleasant. Best RTD driver I’ve ever experienced. Give this man a raise.”

From Kevin A.:

“I would like to commend the driver on this weekday route. He should be recognized for his outstanding daily service. He is courteous, accommodating, and extremely punctual. I can count on him to be at my stop every day at the same time. His professionalism is unparalleled, and I hope he is recognized for his outstanding and consistent contribution.”

From Nina C.:

“The driver on this train is great. He talks to the passengers, wishes the Metro students good luck on their exams, etc. He takes a regular job and makes it better.”

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