Facilities & Maintenance Crews

Each month we highlight operators and other employees for their exceptional customer service. This month we would like to share commendations for the great work of all the men and women on our facilities and maintenance team that have worked tirelessly to keep our Park-n-Rides safe and clear during inclement weather.

Facilities and maintenance crews clearing snow from RTD station

Various Riders:

“Staff at this location were super on top of salting the sidewalks before the snow. The man I saw spreading the salt looked prepared, but the snow/rain is miserable. Please tell him thank you for the people who will not be slipping and falling on the surface that will not be as slick as it could had he not done that.”

“I want to thanks RTD and the snow removal crew for a job well done in clearing the dust stop and parking lot after several recent snow storms. As a long time rider, I appreciate it. Thx.”

“I'm very impressed with the snow removal! Most of the light rail stops were very clean.”

“Just wanted to say thank you. Yesterday morning I sent you guys a comment about the snow being packed into parking spaces at mineral station. In the afternoon when I was going home. RTD employees were at mineral. This morning I didn't have to drive around for a spot. From what I saw plow trucks had pushed the snow out parking spaces. You guys were fast, thank you for listening and I really appreciate the service you provide.”