Gus Schimtter

Each month we highlight operators and other employees for their exceptional customer service. This month we would like to recognize Gus Schmitter for decisively handling what could have been a turbulent situation on his bus.

“A customer (who was African-American) boarded the bus and as he passed down the aisle, another customer told him to go to the back of the bus. I could hardly believe my ears, and wasn't quite sure who had made the comment, as I had been listening to the radio. This driver stopped and firmly but calmly told the customer who made the comment to get off, which he did. Apparently, this is a pattern of behavior for the customer who was reprimanded, and I wanted to commend the driver for standing up to racist behavior.”


After receiving the commendation, we wanted to know more about Gus, and he graciously agreed to answer a few of our questions.

How long have you driven for RTD, and have you always been a bus driver?
I've been driving since December 2010. I've always been a driver, and I am content driving until I retire.
What were you in a previous life?
I feel I was probably a hawk. 
What do you like best about your job?
It has given me the ability to provide a good and reliable life for my family. 
If you could listen to music while working, what type?
I love music of all genres. I have a very extensive Pandora collection. 
If you could deck out your bus, what style? 
I want to, one day, turn a bus into a motor home. But that would only work for me and mine. 
If you could change your uniform color, what color? 
I love the uniforms they wear in Hawaii.
What type of service would you drive if given the choice and/or favorite service to drive or operate?
I've come to the opinion that all of the routes are relatively the same. The thing that is important to me is the time I get to spend with my wife and children.