Terrell McGary

Each month we highlight operators and other employees for their exceptional customer service. This month we recognize Terrell McGary, for going above and beyond to make a rider’s Sweet 16 even more memorable.

Photo of Terrell McGary

From a Rider:

“Today I sent my daughter on a surprise scavenger hunt with 3 of her friends in celebration of her 16th birthday... I decided on this (finally) so that they could keep the group small, spend time outdoors and social distance. The only thing my daughter was told to do was get on the 28 EB at 26th and Federal at 1:40pm sharp and wear her party hat. What she didn't know was I went a few stops before hers and prepaid the bus driver for their fare, gave him the first clue for their scavenger hunt to pass along to my daughter. I announced to the passengers that my daughter would be boarding at Federal and to feel free to sing "Happy Birthday " for her sweet 16.  I let them all know that she'd be recognizable by her party hat. Then I deboarded the bus and went on my way (well, I followed in my car to make sure they were waiting at the stop). Fast forward, the scavenger hunt was a success... but it would not have been if the bus driver had not given them their first clue. He not only gave them their first clue and the prepaid bus tickets... I was told that he got on the intercom and led the passengers in the singing of Happy Birthday. I cannot be more grateful to the driver for helping to make this milestone birthday a memorable one in these weird times.  Please let the driver know how grateful I am to him.  It's the small things that make a difference in people's lives... this driver delivered the small thing that made a difference today and I will always remember his act of kindness. Also, please thank him for driving during a pandemic... he's a hero to so many people every day by getting them to work or medical appointments or whatever (sweet 16 parties) and he, as well as all RTD drivers, should know they are not unnoticed, and they are so important.”