Welcoming Transit Environment

Public transit is interwoven into the fabric of the communities it serves. Public spaces and services throughout the Denver metro region, including those within Denver’s urban core, and in particular Denver Union Station and its bus concourse and surrounding areas, have been harshly impacted by individuals engaging in unwanted activities.

The safety and security of RTD’s customers, employees, and all who use the agency’s services and facilities are of the utmost importance to RTD. In every regard, the public entrusts RTD to deliver them to their final destination in a manner that is safe, comfortable, and dependable.


Several large screens have been mounted at the southeastern entrance to the bus concourse, as well as the other main entrances to this space, at Chestnut and Wewatta pavilions. These monitors display security camera feeds at these locations – and also serve as a reminder that all individuals inside the concourse are on camera. As is the case across all RTD properties, the high-definition cameras placed throughout the concourse can be observed 24 hours a day by RTD security staff.

Image of the new monitors installed at Denver Union Station in July 2022
Police office and dog graphic


RTD in April 2022 restructured its forces into four patrol-specific impact teams, focused on bus, rail, community engagement, and mental health and unhoused outreach. “We changed our deployments to be more visible and proactive and engaged,” said Interim Chief of Police and Emergency Management Steve Martingano. “The prior model was very reactive. It’s better to be at locations in real time to deter criminal activity and to be available for customers.” This new approach will allow each team to focus its efforts within respective areas of responsibility.

Underway Now

  • Increase cleaning frequency – ONGOING

  • Affix “ENTER” and “EXIT” labels to the sliding doors leading to the concourse, and place handrails and directional signs, to facilitate customer flow and mitigate loitering – COMPLETED 

  • Replace inoperative lighting throughout the bus concourse – COMPLETED

  • Deactivate or cover electrical outlets in walkway areas – COMPLETED 

  • Broadcast pre-recorded audio announcements in English and Spanish, to include information on services, fares, and public safety – COMPLETED 

Image of the enter and exit signage at Union Station
Image of work in process in the Denver Union Station Bus Concourse taken in April 2022

Starting Summer 2022

  • Upgrade interior and exterior lighting – IN DESIGN
  • Convert commuter rail platform stairs to emergency exit only – IN DESIGN 
  • Install barriers to prevent access to the area between the elevators and glass walls at Wewatta and Chestnut pavilions – IN DESIGN
  • Install signage to encourage movement and discourage loitering – IN DESIGN 

  • Install smoke detectors in the restrooms – COMPLETE

  • Install TV monitors displaying security camera feeds at the main entrances to the concourse, so that security personnel can observe activity throughout the facility – 50% COMPLETE

To Be Completed in 12-16 Months

  • Establish a paid fare area, ensuring that only individuals in possession of appropriate fare will have access to the bus concourse. To facilitate a paid fare area, changes will include:
    • Updates to RTD’s paper tickets, transfer passes, mobile tickets and EcoPasses – UNDERGOING ANALYSIS
    • Installation of turnstiles, exit gates or other barriers at concourse entryways – IN DESIGN 
  • Install rollup doors to the vehicle entrances at the ramps to the bus concourse, to prevent pedestrians from accessing the vehicle-only bus ramps – IN DESIGN 
Image of Chestnut Pavilion

Community Engagement: Inform, Engage, Empower

RTD will update this webpage frequently. Visit it often to learn more about specific enhancements. Ample information about all parts of this project will be provided as soon as it is available.

Public meetings will also be part of this process, so watch RTD’s communications platforms for opportunities for public engagement.

We appreciate your patience as RTD’s dedicated team completes these enhancements for the benefit and enjoyment of the entire region. Restoring a welcoming environment for all who visit, live or work near Denver Union Station is a shared priority by everyone involved in this project.