The proper notification of work to be performed in the Denver Union Station Bus Facility area is essential for safety and security during bus revenue operations. This procedure establishes the method for notification and approval of work to be performed within the DUS Bus Facility. This access procedure is effective at the start of Revenue Service, (May 11, 2014).

Download the Denver Union Station Bus Facility Revenue Service request/permit form


Requesting Access

A Revenue Service DUS Bus Facility Access Request/Permit form must be submitted before the needed access/work for access for any non-RTD vehicle and work performed by any non-RTD personnel. This includes work that is performed by outside maintenance contractors in the DUS Bus Facility.

Requestor will submit via e-mail the completed Access Request/Permit form to the Security Command Center, DUSAccess@rtd‑denver.com. The completed Access Request/Permit form shall be submitted by the close of business (5:00 pm) on the Thursday the week before the needed access. RTD management will approve the dates and time of access and issue a permit number.

When approved the signed access permit will be returned to the requester. The requestor/permitee must check-in with the RTD Security Office prior to beginning work in the bus facility and check-out with the RTD Security Office when leaving the job site. All personnel shall wear a reflective safety vest.

Vehicle access will be through the West ramp on 18th Street. Contractors are responsible for protecting their work and work areas by isolating their work areas from access by others that may be in the facility. Contractors shall also park any vehicles in the parking areas designated on the permit. Any violation of the Access Permit Rules or Limits of Operation will result in permit revocation.

The Security Command Center will keep a master list of all approved Revenue Service DUS Bus Facility access permits.

Performance of Work

  • After receiving all necessary approvals the work may be completed in accordance with the requirements and conditions indicated on the permit.
  • The completed permit must be in the possession of the work party at the work site.
  • The times indicated on the permit for bus facility is an estimate. Actual starting and ending times may vary depending on the work progress and the requirements for safe operations. The DUS Facilities Maintenance Supervisor (Clarence Pauls) is authorized to make revisions as necessary, provided there is mutual agreement by the permit holder and the DUS Facilities Maintenance Supervisor and that the revision is documented by the DUS Facilities Maintenance Supervisor.