• Length (miles): 2.5
  • Vehicle Type: Light Rail
  • Stations: 1
  • Parking: 1,000 planned spaces
  • Frequency of Service: 5min (peak) / 10 min (off-peak)

At a Glance

  • The C and D Line Extension, also referred to as the Southwest Rail Extension, is part of RTD’s 2004 voter-approved FasTracks plan to expand transit across the Denver metro region.
  • The project will extend the Southwest Light Rail Line 2.5 miles from Mineral Station to Lucent Boulevard in Highlands Ranch.
  • The line’s new end-of-line station, C-470•Lucent, will include another 1,000 parking spaces.
  • Project design and construction will begin when funding is available.

Project Overview

  • 2008: Environmental planning and basic engineering began.
  • 2008-2010: Environmental Evaluation (EE) conducted, including an analysis of alternative alignments and station locations, potential impacts, and recommendations to minimize and mitigate impacts.
  • 2010: Final EE issued; 30 percent of basic engineering completed.
  • 2013-Present: RTD continues to work with stakeholders to secure funding and determine how to complete the extension sooner rather than later.


Updated March 2020