The Free MallRide is available every day from as early as 5:00 a.m. on weekdays with the last complete round-trip leaving at 1:21 a.m. from Union Station. Shuttles run approximately every light cycle during rush-hours, and every 3 to 15 minutes all other times.

The Free MallRide stops at every intersection along the 1.42 mile-long mall from the Regional Transportation District's (RTD’s) Union Station and Civic Center Station, with a total traveling time of approximately 15.5 minutes. Major connections for bus service can be made at the Civic Center Station and Union Station bus concourse.

    Project Overview

    Free MallRide Fleet

    RTD operates a free shuttle bus service along the16th Street Mall in downtown Denver. The original shuttle fleet was comprised of 36 three-door, low-floor buses, which were replaced with 36 ultra-low emission hybrid-electric vehicles in 2017. The new vehicles have three doors, 18 seats, 2 wheelchair spaces, and hold a maximum of 88 passengers. Vehicles also have heat and air conditioning.

    Free MallRide Connections to Rail

    In 2011, the free MallRide was extended to a new light rail station built to accommodate the W Line which opened in 2013. At Union Station the Free MallRide currently connects with the University of A Line and B Line commuter rail lines, and the C, E, and W light rail lines, making stops at popular sports and entertainment venues in the Central Platte Valley before heading south and west. The Free MallRide also connects at the 16th and Stout and 16th and California light rail stations along the 16th Street Mall with the D, F and H light rail lines, providing service from Five Points to the southwest area (D Line), and to the southeast metro areas (F and H).

    In 2016, the Free MallRide provided connections to commuter rail service which began operating from Union Station on the University of Colorado A Line to Denver International Airport and the B Line. In 2019, MallRide passengers can also make connections to the G Line to Wheat Ridge at Union Station.

    Heart of Downtown

    The atmosphere of the 16th Street Mall and the ease of movement provided by the Free MallRide create a dynamic center for activity. The Mall was designed as an outdoor plaza, allowing for unique food and gift carts, outdoor dining, outdoor events and open seating for socializing or a game of chess. Frequent service on the Free MallRide allows for easy travel to and from places of employment and some of the finest restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.


    2018 Ridership

    • Total ridership: 9,426,866


    Updated August 2019