RTD Transit Security officers are committed to keeping our riders safe by providing a visible presence on our vehicles and at our transit centers and stations. Officers inspect fares, discourage disruptive and inappropriate behavior and act as ambassadors by assisting riders who may need help navigating the system.

Allied Universal is currently hiring RTD Transit Security officers. Applications must have previous law enforcement, military law enforcement or combat arms, with combat deployment, experience.

Minimum experience-must have one of the following:

  • Must be a graduate of a certified Federal, State, County, or local law enforcement training academy, military police training program or an equivalent which presented the individual with appropriate certificate or diploma (P.O.S.T., DD214)
  • Officers must have at least two (2) calendar years of full-time experience as a certified civilian or military law enforcement officer, or have a minimum of two (2) calendar years of active reserve police officer experience (minimum of 16 hours per month documented).

In addition, candidates:

  • Must pass a quarterly firearm qualification with a minimum score of eighty (80) percent given by a certified instructor. Each officer must qualify at least once each quarter.
  • Must meet basic Allied Universal hiring requirements.
  • Must be able to pass federal backgrounds and drug screen
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Interested in becoming a Transit Security officer?

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