How Does the Law Work?

When an RTD bus signals its intention to re-enter traffic, all drivers approaching from the rear or in the lane adjacent to the bus are required to slow down or stop to allow the bus to merge.

Is There a Penalty for Not Yielding to a Bus?

Yes, the failure to yield is a moving Class A traffic violation, punishable with a fine and points on your driver's license.

What Should I Do When I See a Merging Bus?

Be smart, responsible, and use your best judgment. Follow these simple guidelines.

  • Always use caution
  • Watch for the illuminated Yield to Bus light on the back of all RTD buses
  • Slow down or stop to allow the bus to merge back into traffic
  • Safely change lanes if you no longer want to travel behind the bus
  • Do not attempt to change lanes quickly to overtake the bus
  • Do not speed up to prohibit the bus or other motorists from entering the lane

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to make our roads safer.

Yield to Bus

Yield to Bus when light is flashing. It's the law.