Planning Tactics

    Tactic Name


Success Outcome 1

Success Outcome 2

Partnerships for Plan Implementation

Pursue partnership opportunities for implementation of RTD’s plans, including Reimagine RTD, Bus Rapid Transit, First and Final Mile and FasTracks

Community Value


Regional Mobility Planning Investment

Invest in transit planning to reassert RTD's role as the leader in regional mobility

Community Value

Customer Excellence

Re-Imagine Execution

Develop prioritization tools to effectively communicate recommended actions with the Board of Directors, facilitating decision-making

Community Value

Customer Excellence

Interdepartmental Collaboration

Develop and implement interdepartmental communication practices that encourage efficient collaboration between Planning and Operations departments

Employee Ownership


Meetings that Matter

Implement a Meetings that Matter strategy to encourage an organizational culture focused on active and purposeful engagement in meetings.

Employee Ownership


Employee Feedback

Improve visibility of employees and include their feedback in improving systems and letting them know of their success

Customer Excellence