Your Voice Matters

What’s most important to you about our service?

As you may have heard, RTD has a shortage of bus and rail operators and it’s impacting our ability to provide our riders with the reliable service they deserve. It’s also requiring many of our operators to work six-day work weeks. To better balance our staffing with a level of service that RTD can reliably deliver, we are considering a potential temporary service reduction.

Current State of Affairs

Operator Shortage

  • Safety and reliability are core values at RTD, and the operator shortage is impacting those values
  • Operator shortage is now impacting ability to deliver current level of service
  • Since 2013, 600,000 hours of service have been added
  • Low unemployment impacting labor force nationwide

Recruiting and Retention Efforts

  • Comprehensive multimedia marketing campaign to colleges and tech schools
  • Job fairs, veterans/military expos
  • Referral bonuses
  • More efficient hiring
  • Pay increases
  • Training bus and Light Rail operators
  • Working with Union leadership to provide more flexibility on how we use our workforce

Potential Solutions

  • RTD considering proposal to temporarily reduce service
  • Potential temporary service reduction would align service with our available workforce


Employee Feedback

  • Email
  • Listening sessions

Public Feedback

  • Telephone town hall (5,000 participants)
  • Pop-ups at bus and light rail stations
  • Social Media
  • Digital
  • Email
  • Geofencing/Geofarming at rail stations

Looking Ahead

Next Steps

  • Get direction from RTD’s Board
  • Present draft plan on Dec. 12
  • Continue efforts on recruitment and retention
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