The easiest way to DIA

SkyRide is RTD’s convenient, affordable bus service to and from Denver International Airport (DIA). Catch frequent SkyRide buses throughout the RTD service area at bus stops and at many Park-n-Rides, every day of the year.


SkyRide buses operate seven days a week, 365 days a year. Buses depart from each SkyRide stop at least once an hour and some as frequently as every 15 minutes. Look up your schedule and get going.








One-way Airport fare is just $9. SkyRide trips not originating or ending at DIA will be charged at Local or Regional fare depending on the origin and destination. See the SkyRide fare charts for details. Airport service is included in the Regional Day Pass, and for frequent travelers we offer Pass Books containing five Regional/Airport Day Passes.

Learn about upgrading existing passes and tickets for Airport service

Airport fare upgrades

Passengers with a Local transfer, Local Day Pass or Local Monthly Pass will be able to upgrade to a Regional/Airport Day Pass (Full $6.40/Discount $3.20) with cash on the bus; or with cash, credit or debit at the ticket vending machines at rail and bus rapid transit stations.

Passengers with a Local transfer, Local Day Pass, or Local Monthly Pass will be able to purchase a single trip upgrade for a Regional bus trip (Full $1.90/Discount $0.95) with cash on board a Regional bus. A Local transfer, Local Day Pass, or Local Monthly Pass will serve as a $2.60 credit toward your SkyRide or airport fare. Passengers will not be issued a three hour transfer.

The $2.50 surcharge to and from DIA has been eliminated for all CollegePass, EcoPass, and Neighborhood EcoPass program participants.

SkyRide at DIA

If you need to check route and schedule information, view maps, or plan your SkyRide trip while at DIA, visit the SkyRide sales counter located in the ground transportation area on the west side of the terminal on level 5, inside door 506.

Due to construction at DIA, SkyRide will drop-off and pick-up on Level 5, West terminal only, across from door #506 near the RTD Ticket Counter, until the new transit center opens in 2016.


Need to leave your car at a Park-n-Ride? SkyRide parking is available at 14 Park-n-Rides throughout the metro area (see map below). Daily parking fees may apply. Parking fees are determined by the address where the vehicle was registered, and whether it was registered within or outside the RTD district. Visit our parking webpage to learn more about parking fees and to find out if your license plate registration is within the district.

Learn how to park at Park-n-Rides
There's more service coming in 2016. The University of Colorado A line to the airport opens April 22, 2016 and will complement the SkyRide bus service.
Find out more about opening day, stations and the University of Colorado A line route

Skyride map legend

Parking Fees

  In-District, first 24 hours In-District, each
additional 24 hours
every 24 hours
   FREE $2.00 $4.00

Vehicles with license plates registered to an address within the RTD district may park up to 24 hours at no charge. Fees apply after the first 24-hours. Vehicles with license plates registered to an address outside the RTD district will be subject to a fee every 24-hour period. See parking at Park-n-Rides for details and use the license plate lookup tool to determine if a license plate is registered in-District or out-of-District.