Univesral Travel

Artist: Susan Cooper
Station: Tufts Flyover
Dedication: 2002

A wall sculpture symbolizes our orbital transportation systems. The travel systems depicted are the earth which travels in its orbit in one day, the moon which circles the earth in one month, and the sun around which the earth orbits in one year. This artwork can be seen by drivers traveling along south Santa Fe Drive at Quincy.
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Kipling Cascades

Artist: John Fleming
Station: Kipling Light Rail Bridge
Dedication: 2013

Aluminum strips hanging from the south sides of the light rail bridge over Kipling Street form “curtains” and take on the adjacent ambient light at night. On the north side, above the bike path and facing southbound traffic, the artwork gives the impression of the strips being pulled through the bridge. The art can be seen from Kipling Street at 13th Avenue.
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Artist: Bob Luna
Station: Colfax and Federal Transfer Center
Dedication: 2005

These arc style benches are topped with mosaic tile work and are located in the pedestrian area at Colfax Avenue and Elliot Street.
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A Story Arc

Artists: Dardinelle Troen, Terry Tebeau & Leslee Dillon
Stations: along G Line
Dedication: 2017

Each station has a set of artwork that creatively depicts a different story, a different aspect of gold. The artwork consists of laminated glass of different colors with sandblasted and in-filled graphics mounted into an aluminum laser-cut frame surround. All panels represent different aspects of gold. 
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Tumbleweeds Really Do Exist

Artist: Sandra Fettingis
Stations: along the University of Colorado A Line
Dedication: 2016

This artwork appears on the windscreens at five stations along the University of Colorado A Line between the airport and Union Station. Each station has the same design, but they have their own color themes to "help to identify stations for commuter rail users and enhance the current colorless, open and industrial landscape on the East Line," explained artist Sandra Fettingis.
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Celebrating Westminster

Artist: Dan Gottsegan
Station: Westminster
Dedication: 2016

Windscreens contain custom tempered glass with printed imagery drawn from the artist’s paintings. 
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Omnews R Line windscreens

Artist: George Bates
Stations: along the R Line
Dedication: 2016

Hand-painted glass windscreens translate to “All Aurora, All the Worlds, All Moving” and reflect the multi-layered and diverse community of Aurora. The Latin phrase can be interpreted in a variety of ways that reflect this multi-layered and diverse community of Aurora. It can represent a new beginning that happens every day on Earth, where every moment can bring light to darkness, and can also be interpreted as the world in a constant state of motion both physically and philosophically. 
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79. All Is Well Under The Trees

Omnews R Line windscreens

Artist: Sandra Fettingis
Stations: Sky Ridge, Lone Tree City Center, and RidgeGate Parkway Station
Dedication: 2019

These series of windscreens represent a canopy of vibrant, green and safe trees that invite visitors to stand among them. Each station has been outfitted with unique designs inspired by shapes found in leaves and pine needles.
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Artists: Mark Mosko and Joshua Wiener
Station: Boulder Transit Village
Dedication: 2013

Seven tree sculptures strategically placed create an identity of place, a congruency as one moves through the plaza, and an energetic containment. 
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King and Queen

Artist: Brian Swanson
Station: Civic Center
Dedication: 2001, 2017

Two statues of chess pieces double as benches and game tables. The sculptures are composed of found objects combined with stock steel shapes such as bar, sheet, and woven wire cloth. 
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Winter Crossing

Artist: Stephen Batura
Station: out of commission
Dedication: 2002

The mural is a representation of a steam freighter crossing a viaduct-type bridge in winter with muted colors of green, blue, and yellow. 
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83. Salvere II

Two barbed-wire horse structures

Artist: Jeff Best
Station: Northglenn/112th Station (bus loop)
Dedication: 2020 

A two-horse barbed wire sculpture sharing a yoke greet train and bus passengers at the Northglenn/112th station. Customers riding RTD buses will have an opportunity to see all angles of the sculpture as they make their way around the station bus loop.

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84. Mid-Century Mod-Cacti Sculpture

Green structure resembling a cactus

Artist: Annette Coleman
Station: Commerce City/72nd Station (bus loop)
Dedication: 2020 

This twenty-foot standalone sculpture of a mid-modern inspired cacti serves draws in the history of the area and delivers to travelers a way-finding gift. For those arriving from the north, blues and magenta welcome you to the station area. Arrive from the south and you will be greeted by bright greens and orange accent colors as well as bright pink.

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85. Bloom

Flower-like structure

Artist: C.J. Rench Design Studio
Station: Original Thornton/88th Station (bus loop)
Dedication: 2020 

“Bloom” hopes to bring a sense of discovery and timelessness with intersecting forms and colorful inlays. Colorful stained glass within the artwork take in the sunlight that shines through the piece and through the glass for more radiant color.

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