RTD moves to new parking payment system Oct. 1

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) on Oct. 1 is moving to Parking.com to process mobile payments, a decision driven by a desire to improve the customer experience at RTD Park-and-Rides and account security. 

To sign up for this service, RTD customers can download the Parking.com mobile app – available on the Apple App Store or via Google Play for Android devices – and create an account. From there, look for the Parking.com signs with the location (zone) number in any RTD parking lot, and use the Parking.com mobile app to activate a parking session.  

Parking fees apply at some Park-n-Rides for customers with vehicles registered outside RTD boundaries. Customers with vehicles registered at an address within RTD boundaries may park for free the first 24-hour period. 

This Parking.com contactless experience will also be available through a mobile browser, by scanning the QR code or texting the number included on the new signs that are currently being installed. 

Using Parking.com enables RTD customers to pay on the run – including while waiting for a bus or train – and eliminates the need to walk to a pay station. Additionally, customers who use their Parking.com mobile app account to pay for parking can extend the time of their stay remotely if they need to park longer than originally planned. This feature, offered exclusively to account holders, protects individuals from the risk of ticketing and towing.   

While the Parking.com mobile payment option is convenient and easy to use, RTD will continue to offer its customers the ability to pay by cash or credit card at parking payment kiosks. 

RTD customers who have an RTD reserved space or an Automated Account through SP+ Parking, watch for email notifications regarding changes in managing these arrangements. Please call SP+ Parking at 303-292-1505 regarding any questions or concerns.