GTFS Schedule Dataset

RTD schedule data is available in General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) for use in developing applications and other mobile tools for RTD riders. If you plan on using our GTFS data, please follow these rules:

  1. Keep your data up-to-date. Major changes to RTD schedules typically happen three times a year in January, May and August. Visit Service Changes to get more information.
  2. Do not use the RTD logo, RTD maps or any other RTD content found on the RTD website without permission in advance from RTD. To request permission, please email [email protected].

You must read and agree to the License Agreement before you download the data.

Learn more about General Transit Feed Specification.

GTFS Data Feed Direct Links

GTFS Data Feed Downloads

  1. RTD GTFS Feed
  2. Bustang GTFS Feed
  3. FlexRide GTFS Feed
  4. School Day Trips
  5. View Additional GTFS Data

General Transit Feed Specification Data (GTFS) for Fixed Route Modes

  1. Motor Bus Directly Operated-January Runboard
  2. Motor Bus Purchased Transportation-January Runboard
  3. Commuter Rail Directly Operated-January Runboard
  4. Commuter Rail Purchased Transportation-January Runboard
  5. Light Rail-January Runboard