Governance Materials

RTD Board of Directors governance materials

Part I: Board Governance

  1. Board Governance Overview

Part II: Governing Policies, Procedures, and Practices

  1. RTD Act - C.R.S. § 32-9-101 et seq.
  2. Board Bylaws
  3. Major Laws Affecting RTD Board
  4. Board Operating Guidelines

Part III: Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

  1. RTD Code of Ethics Board Ethics
  2. Independent Ethics Commission Ruling LR 16-05
  3. Standards of Conduct - Article 18 of Title 24, C.R

Part IV: Committee Structure

  1. Board of Directors Committee Appointments and External Liaisons
  2. Committee Descriptions

Part V: Board of Directors Local & Travel Policies

  1. Frequently Asked Questions on Board Expenses
  2. Highlights of Being a Board Member

Part VI: General Manager Oversight

  1. General Manager Compensation Philosophy
  2. General Manager Hiring and Search Process
  3. Procedures for Approving General Manager Business Expenses
  4. Policy for General Manager Goal Setting
  5. Policy on Evaluation Process for General Manager Annual Performance Review