Brand Elements

Brand Elements

The RTD visual identity system is a unique, purposeful consolidation of elements, that effectively positions who we are to our audiences. Elements include the physical logo itself, any secondary visual elements, our color palette, tagline, and other graphical representations with coordinated usage guidelines.


The RTD logo badge is our new standard logo mark. It conveys a bolder presentation in touch with today’s customers and the growing communities we serve.

The Black Badge Logo and Black Reversed Badge Logo should only be used in applications where full-color printing cannot be achieved, or in applications where the Red Badge Logo is inappropriate.

Clear space is defined as the minimum amount of open space that must exist around the logo. Often referred to as "runaround," clear space ensures that the logo stands by itself for best recognition. When minimum clear space requirements are met, the RTD letters from within the logo can fit around the logo without overlapping any competing graphics or words.

RTD Logo Assets

  1. RTD CMYK Logo Red
  2. RTD CMYK Logo White
  3. RTD CMYK Logo Black

Brand Symbol

The mountain symbol has become a core element of our visual identity system. It has been around for 20 years, and it has been evident on the stripes and colors of our fleet. This new version was introduced in 2018 as a feature or an accent to aid continuity and cohesion among the wide range of RTD marketing assets and to pay homage to our region.

The brand symbol was created from the “routes and pathways” element of the RTD Legacy Logo, and it is a functional reminder of our dedication to connecting the Front Range. This new application helps push the traditional and recognizable Legacy Logo into the future. The mountain symbol is most commonly used at the bottom of official and ancillary publications, such as letterhead, press releases, brochures, posters, shelter boards, and schedules.

Brand Symbol Assets

  1. RTD Mountain Symbol White
  2. RTD Mountain Symbol Color


Color is an integral part of the RTD visual identity system. Consistently applied color further cements the brand and creates instant recognition within the marketplace among a wide array of customers.

Rail Line Colors

In addition to the primary and secondary “family” of colors, we use a set of tertiary colors exclusively for designating specific rail lines. Tertiary colors identify all corresponding assets as belonging to a specific rail line.


RTD’s standard corporate typeface is Proxima Nova. The font is easy to read, understated, straightforward and friendly. It unifies our brand in all Marketing and Communications materials, internally and externally. The PC equivalent to Proxima Nova is Tahoma, which is approved for use across the agency and does not require additional licensing.

RTD recommends secondary fonts be used sparingly and only in particular applications. This helps add a bit of embellishment to things such as social media posts or posters. Limit the use of secondary fonts in order to avoid confusing/overwhelming the reader.


As the "People Who Move People," RTD must communicate with our communities in a manner that is both humanized and relatable, and that creates a positive, consistent experience with each interaction across our agency. The "voice" of the agency is projected in all spoken, written, and visual communications. Following are some characteristics of the RTD brand voice.