Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility


The Commuter Rail Facility (CRMF) is located at 5151 Fox St. in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood, just north of I-70 and west of I-25. The facility sits on 30 acres and is 230,000 square feet. Approximately 240 mechanics, operators and other staff work out of this state-of-the-art, LEED Gold certified building to deliver safe and reliable service to passengers.

Project Overview

Summer 2015

The innovative design of the Commuter Rail Facility facilitates daily routine maintenance. There are six tracks that run through the building on trestles with mechanic bays under the rail to allow easy access for worker to perform daily routine maintenance checks.

The floor level provides access to the interior of the cars for repairs, cleaning and maintenance. The mezzanine level gives access to the roof of the cars for maintenance of the pantograph – the extendable arm that makes contact with the overhead wire, as well as the heating and air conditioning units.

About the Facility

Building Information

State-of-the-Art Operations Control Center

The Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility houses the operations control center, which acts as the brain of the commuter rail network with train dispatch, security systems, positive train control and the radio communication system that keeps everyone connected. The highly skilled staff that work in the operations control center are responsible for all aspects of the rail system operations and coordinate daily train operations as well as emergency response situations.

Gold Leed Certified Building

The facility received a Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification to commemorate the efforts towards environmental stewardship and social responsibility that went into the design and construction of the facility.

Sustainable features of the CRMF include:

  • Efficient mechanics and lights for a 32% energy savings
  • Water-efficient plumbing fixtures for a 39% reduction in water usage
  • Radiant floor heating served by an 89% efficient water boiler
  • Specially designed windows that prevent thermal transfer

Commuter Rail

Comfortable Commuter Rail Cars With More Storage Room

In total, 66 commuter rail cars have been purchased and will be cleaned, stored and maintained at this facility. 54 of these vehicles will serve the University of Colorado A Line (East Rail Line), G Line (Gold Line), and B Line (Northwest Rail Line). The remaining 12 vehicles will provide service on N Line (North Metro Line).

RTD’s commuter rail vehicles are heavier than light rail vehicles, but operate in a similar way. The vehicle is powered by an overhead electrical system and each vehicle is equipped with traction motors. These vehicles are designed to move at faster speeds, travel longer distances, and have fewer stops. Commuter rail vehicles provide a comfortable ride with larger seats, overhead storage, luggage towers, and bicycle racks.

Commuter Rail Car Details

  • Length: 85 ft.
  • Height: 15 ft.
  • Weight: 1,400 tons (empty)
  • Maximum speed: 79 m.p.h.
  • Seats: 91
  • Total capacity: 209 (including standees)
  • Wheelchair spaces: 2
  • Motor power rating: 620 horsepower per vehicle
  • Power source: 25,000 volts on an overhead electrical system
  • Turning radius: 250 ft. (minimum)
  • Commuter rail steel: 115 lbs. per yard

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