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Facilities and Fleet Transition Plan

In Progress

On April 25, 2023, the Board adopted a recommended action approving a summary scope of work, and subsequently authorizing the General Manager and CEO to enter into a contract for consulting services for the development of the agency’s holistic low/no emission facilities and fleet transition plan (Facilities and Fleet Transition Plan). Following a public solicitation process, WSP USA Inc was selected as the consultant to assist in the formulation of the agency’s Facilities and Fleet Transition Plan.

Project Overview

August 2023 - December 2024

The Facilities and Fleet Transition Plan will assess RTD’s operations today, its future operations, and determine a path forward for how the agency can lower emissions in its facilities and fleet. This holistic approach is necessary, as transitioning RTD’s large fleet of buses to a new technology will have significant implications on the infrastructure needed to support a new technology.

Work conducted as part of the Facilities and Fleet Transition Plan will include:

  • A fixed-route fleet analysis, which will assess various propulsion technologies and their ability to meet RTD’s existing and future provision of services
  • A facility analysis, which will not only assess RTD’s facilities and the upgrades that will be needed to support a new fleet technology, but also evaluate how a potential new facility could help support new fleet technologies
  • A workforce analysis, as the skills needed to maintain diesel buses differ from those of newer technologies, and ensuring RTD’s workforce is prepared for a transition is critical
  • A financial analysis, which will utilize RTD’s mid and long term financial plans to evaluate costs and identify potential funding sources of the transition

RTD will use the information gathered in this work to develop and finalize a facilities transition blueprint and a fleet transition blueprint, which will be used to guide the agency in its transition in the years to come.

RTD anticipates completing the Facilities and Fleet Transition Plan by the end of 2024.