About Art-n-Transit

Since 1994, the mission of RTD's Art-n-Transit program has been to enhance the design, aesthetic quality and user friendliness of transit projects, as well as to foster transit-oriented community development.

As you ride RTD, you’ll notice two distinct types of public art, art enhancements and site-specific pieces. Art enhancements are elements incorporated into the design of the transit station. These include windscreens, benches, canopies, railings, and other basic architectural features that provide functional and artistic benefits and make stations and terminals easily identifiable.

Site-specific commissioned art includes murals, mosaics, sculptures, and other imaginative installations created by artists to produce unique pieces that reflect the surrounding community and add an identifying element to celebrate the diverse cultural, ethnic and historical richness of the many communities RTD serves.

Take a Tour of Art

You're probably familiar with art walks…but did you know that in metro Denver, you can take an art ride?

Enjoy an eclectic array of public art pieces at more than 45 rail stations and bus terminals throughout the metro area. Keep reading to learn more about the art behind the transit and then take a self-guided tour of the artwork. We invite you to take a ride on RTD and get a first-hand glimpse at one of the metro area’s most innovative art collections.