The RTD visual identity system is a unique, purposeful consolidation of elements, that effectively positions who we are to our audiences. Elements include the physical logo itself, any secondary visual elements, our color palette, tagline, and other graphical representations with coordinated usage guidelines.

The RTD badge logo conveys a bolder presentation in touch with today’s customers and the growing communities we serve. Its square shape grounds the logo in a foundationally stable element, a shape that is traditionally trusted (because it is mathematical), a shape that represents security, reliability, and predictability—the very attributes for which we are known by our customers as evidenced by research.

In addition, the box complements and extends the reach of the “routes and pathways” evident in the letters “RTD.” The badge logo should be the predominant logo, used almost all the time for print, digital, and other applications.

RTD Brand Elements Numbered

1. The RTD logo badge is our new standard logo mark. It conveys a bolder presentation in touch with today’s customer and the growing communities
we serve.

2. The RTD Red is a familiar element that holds strong existing equity with our brand. It can be featured boldly in our communications, but even a small amount of the color goes a long way in distinguishing RTD.

3. A brand symbol - the mountain - has been introduced as a core element of our visual identity system. The symbol is carried through as a feature or an accent to add continuity and cohesion among the wide range of RTD marketing assets.

4. RTD’s standard corporate typeface is Proxima Nova. The font is easy to read, understated, straight-forward, and friendly. It unifies our brand in all Marketing and Communications materials, internally and externally. The PC equivalents, approved for use throughout the agency, are Tahoma and Calibri, which is widely available and does not require additional licensing.

RTD Logo-color
RTD Logo-color reversed

Clear Space

Clear space is defined as the space that no other element explicit or implicit shall cross in relation to the RTD Logo. Often referred to as ‘runaround,’ type, image and/or document edge should not be placed closer than the RTD-height surrounding RTD marks.

This can be determined by taking the size of the letters in the logo at the size of desired use, and using that size to create the space around the logo. 

RTD Logo Clear Space

Logo Usage

Sometimes seeing what NOT to do can be as useful as seeing what's correct. The RTD logo is an independent piece of artwork and should not be adjusted or modified in order to keep brand consistency and uniformity.

RTD Logo Misuse

Color Palette

Color is an integral part of the RTD visual identity system. Consistently applied color further cements the brand and creates instant recognition within the marketplace among a wide array of customers.

RTD Primary and Secondary Color Chart