Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) established the Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities (ACPD) in August 2017 that works in concert with an internal ADA Steering Committee to advance the agency's efforts to serve customers who are living with disabilities and support communication between RTD staff and the community of people with disabilities. The ADA Office provides oversight to the ACPD, with the ADA Manager serving as the chair of the steering committee and staff liaison to the ACPD.


The ACPD holds, at minimum, four meetings each year. A meeting will be held in each quarter on the second Tuesday of the month. The schedule of meetings will be determined by the staff liaison, in consultation with the Committee Chair, in December of each year.

The ACPD will hold three joint meetings with the members of the Access-a-Ride Paratransit Advisory Committee (APAC) throughout the year. These meetings will alternate in facilitation between the ACPD and the APAC. It is the consensus of the APAC and ACPD that holding joint meetings three times a year enables an organic sharing of ideas and experiences. The ADA Steering Committee will hold four meetings each year. These meetings will be held in the month preceding or following the ACPD meeting. This provides the ADA Steering Committee members the opportunity to provide feedback to the ACPD members.

General Membership:

Earl Lee (Chair)

Greg Martinez

Brenda Carney

Aly DeWillis-Marcano

Erick DuBray

Kristina Ericson

Betty Elias

Nicole Campuzano

Curtis Chong

Ex Officio Membership:

Atlantis, Inc.

Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition

Colorado Center for the Blind

Upcoming Meetings

Date: May 13th, 2024

Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Location: Virtual via Microsoft Teams

To attend a ACPD meeting or make a public comment, contact Tim Dean for further information.

Meeting Minutes

  1. ACPD Meeting Minutes - March 2024
  2. ACPD Meeting Minutes - February 2024

ACPD Applications

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