CO 119 Safety, Mobility and Bikeway Project Update

RTD Staff

CO 119 Safety, Mobility and Bikeway Project FAQs

Take a look at the new Frequently Asked Questions document for the CO 119 Safety, Mobility and Bikeway Project. CDOT, RTD, Boulder County, and the City of Longmont have listened to your questions and concerns about the improvements coming to CO 119 and created this document to provide further details. Visit the website to learn more. https://www.codot.gov/projects/co119-mobility

Design and Construction Update

The project team has been working to complete a 60% review of the design for the CO 119 improvements and are identifying the final costs for construction. The team is continuing to progress toward final design of the first construction package by this summer with construction anticipated to begin in the fall. Keep an eye out for additional opportunities to get engaged in the project this summer to learn more about the improvements and construction.

More about the Project

By the year 2040, the Diagonal Highway between Boulder and Longmont is expected to see a 25% increase in vehicular traffic. Increased traffic can result in more congestion, delays, tailpipe emissions, and potentially more crashes. CDOT, RTD, Boulder County, and the City of Longmont are taking action to mitigate these outcomes and expand transportation options beyond private automobiles.

The CO 119 Safety, Mobility and Bikeway Project is designing improvements to make traveling through the corridor safer for all modes and transit travel faster and more reliable. The project is designed to integrate with other active multimodal projects on the corridor to ensure community members can safely and reliably travel throughout the corridor using their mode(s) of choice. Funding has been secured for implementation of the project, which is expected to begin construction in 2024.

Thank you for your involvement!

By RTD Staff