RTD launches new program to provide face-to-face assistance to customers

New approach offers on-location, real-time support where and when customers need it most

RTD launched a six-month pilot outreach program in May to assist customers on the system where and when they need it the most. Known as the “Impact Team,”the group of outreach ambassadors is comprised of nearly 40 RTD employees from across the entire agency. The team is deployed to rail stations and bus stops during peak service times, major events, and service disruptions to provide on-site, real-time customer service. 

The team was initially established to support the Coping Panels and Downtown Rail Reconstruction projects, both of which are underway this summer. Over the last two weeks, the Impact Team has prioritized its outreach efforts to also support the temporary speed restrictions along the Southeast Corridor’s light rail lines.

Additionally, RTD has aligned the team’s outreach schedule to dispatch the employee ambassadors during concerts, festivals, downtown events, and Rockies home games. The on-location ambassadors support customers using RTD’s bus and rail services to reach events and venues, along with providing assistance navigating the system. Members of the Impact Team were trained to answer frequently asked questions, help customers to use the MyRide, Transit Watch, and NextRide mobile applications, and to collect customer feedback and concerns.

Earlier this week, the Impact Team began outreach along the E, H and R lines that have been most impacted by the recent speed restrictions. The team has been providing information about the slowdown zones, sharing alternate bus route schedules, and providing water for customers waiting for the next train.The Impact Team has also been educating customers on how to use Bustang’s bus services RTD’s online trip planner tools.

“The Impact Team program is focused on creating a welcoming transit environment for all customers,” said Stuart Summers, RTD’s Chief Communications and Engagement Officer. “This real-time approach to engagement not only addresses the immediate concerns and questions of customers, but we are able to foster stronger connections with the agency. By being present and available at stops and stations, the Impact Team can immediately alleviate customer concerns, gather valuable feedback about improving RTD’s services, and ensure needs are satisfactorily met.”

The employees participating in the program volunteer their time in parallel with regular work duties and come from all departments of the organization. This includes Human Resource, Information Technology, Safety and Environmental, Bus and Rail Operations, Civil Rights, General Counsel, Capital Programs, and Finance, to name a few. RTD’s Leadership Team is also participating as members of the Impact Team, bringing their vast experience and knowledge to the program.

By RTD Staff