Scheduled rail inspections are resulting in delays along RTD’s southeast light rail corridor

RTD is operating light rail trains under speed restrictions along isolated sections of the E, H, and R lines. The speed restrictions were put in place after regularly scheduled inspections of track were conducted along the southeast light rail corridor.

In May 2024, staff began a thorough inspection of light rail track along Interstate 25 to identify maintenance issues that may need to be addressed in the future. As issues were discovered along the rail alignment, and depending on their severity, RTD implemented speed restrictions until crews can complete necessary maintenance. The thorough and comprehensive inspections include examinations of RTD’s light rail track, ties, ballast, clips, overhead wire system, and other related infrastructure. All inspections are scheduled in advance and conducted with regular frequency by trained staff.

RTD adheres to the highest level of safety standards, even when it results in an impact to scheduled services and on-time performance.

RTD has more than 120 miles of light rail track, and regular inspections will continue, as scheduled, to ensure all assets are maintained in a state of good repair and support the overall safety of customers and employees. The timeline for making the isolated repairs will depend on the severity of the issue and the availability of maintenance crews.

RTD appreciates everyone’s patience and encourages customers to allow for extra time to reach their destinations. To assist customers impacted by the inspections and current speed restrictions, RTD provides the following resources:

  • Service Alerts – text, email, social media, and online notices that provide real-time information on delays, detours, disruptions, cancellations and resumption of service
  • Impact Team – RTD is dispatching employee ambassadors to various rail stations and bus stops to assist customers during large events, planned maintenance projects, and peak service times
  • Customer Care – customers are encouraged to call Customer Care at 303.299.6000 for customized help with planning trips, making connections, or routing disruptions
  • Next Ride App – customers can use RTD’s Next Ride app to plan trips and learn about disruptions
  • Social Media – customers can directly reach out to RTD’s digital team via social media to get customized help and assistance

RTD is firmly committed to providing safe and reliable transit services for all customers and employees. By prioritizing safe operations, RTD aims to create a Welcoming Transit Environment for everyone who relies on the agency’s services.

By RTD Staff