An income-based fare discount program.

What can LiVE Do For You?

RTD’s LiVE program helps you get to all the places you need to go. By enrolling in LiVE, you will receive a 50% discount on fares throughout the RTD service area.

The LiVE application is available on the Colorado State benefits site, PEAK, or you can apply by phone.

Apply for LiVe via PEAK

LiVE Expansion Program

LiVE fare products

Once enrolled in the program, you can pay your fare with the RTD MyRide app, new MyRide card, or paper or mobile 10-Ride Ticket Books. LiVE tickets are also available for purchase in the Transit, and Uber apps.

3 Hour Pass$1.35
Day Pass $2.70
10-Ride Ticket Book$13.50
Monthly Pass$27.00
Airport Day Pass* ---

*All Discount fares include travel to and from the Airport Fare Zone.


If you are enrolled in RTD’s Access-a-Ride Program and in LiVE, you can pay the discounted Access-a-Ride LiVE fare in cash, with paper tickets from a 6-ride ticket book, or with mobile tickets on the RTD's MyRide app, Transit and Uber apps. LiVE tickets should be used unless LiVE eligibility is in your Access-a-Ride profile after you have been approved. If you have a LiVE card and are not receiving the discount, please contact the Access-a-Ride administrative office to inform us.

Access-a-Ride LiVE One-Way$2.25
Access-a-Ride LiVE Airport One-Way $9.50
Access-a-Ride LiVE 6-Ride Ticket Book$13.50

How Do I Qualify?

Be over the age of 19

Youth ages 19 and under ride at no cost on all RTD services until August 31, 2024, due to the Zero Fare for Youth pilot program.

RTD offers discounts for seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, and Medicare recipients. You can only use one RTD discount at a time.

Be at or below 250% Federal Poverty Level

As of March 2024, this means a monthly gross household/family income as follows, based on the number of household members. See table of information below.

Members of your household include individuals who are on the same tax return. If you do not file taxes and are not on someone else’s return, the members of your household include your spouse and your children who live with you.

Household MembersGross Monthly Household Income

Provide a valid address for your eligibility card

If you need help, you can ask a service agency if you can use their mailing address. If you don’t provide a mailing address, your card will be sent to RTD.

Supply gross household income verification

You will need to upload supporting documents verifying gross income (pay stubs, letters from employers, benefit award letters, or other documents showing gross income) for each adult in the household.

Provide a recent photo

Upload a clear, close-up, full-color image of yourself on a neutral background to be printed on your LiVE identification card. Do not upload a photo of your driver's license or other existing ID card. *If the uploaded photo is not useable, it will cause a delay in receiving your card.

What does a good photo look like?

You will need a photo for each applicant. The photo must be clear, from the shoulders up, not tilted at an angle, and have a light background to be printed on your eligibility card.

Applying for LiVE is Easy!

  1. Visit the Colorado State benefits site, PEAK, at, or contact Denver Human Services at 720-944-4347.
  2. Apply for yourself and other household members with an account or as a guest.
  3. Enter your application information as prompted on PEAK. If you have an SSN, enter it as it may expedite the application.
  4. Upload a photo for each applicant. If you or other household applicants are not enrolled in Medicaid, SNAP, or Colorado Works, you will also need to upload gross income verification documents. Contact Denver Human Services at the number listed above with any questions about uploading photos or documents.
  5. Receive your LiVE eligibility card in the mail. Use it with your LiVE MyRide card or mobile ticket.

Support is Available for Non-Profit Organizations and Social Services Agencies

RTD staff are here to help you and your clients easily access RTD's LiVE program, including answering questions and walking through registration. Additionally, language assistance, including translation and interpretation, is available at no cost. To schedule a time for RTD staff to visit your organization, provide information on riding with RTD and help your clients sign up for LiVE; or if your clients need language assistance support, please call 303-299-2382 or email [email protected]

Contact Information

PEAK Technical Support Center

LiVE Eligibility and Applications

Denver Human Services can answer questions, help with applications and photos, or take applications over the phone

Phone: 720-944-4347

Email: [email protected]

RTD LiVE Discount Identification Card

Contact RTD with questions about your LiVE card or for a replacement card.

Phone: 303-299-2382

Email: [email protected]

RTD LiVE Fare Products

Contact RTD Customer Care with any other questions.

Phone: 303-299-6000