Project Overview

RTD received feedback from customers that fares are expensive and difficult to understand. In response, RTD implemented a Systemwide Fare Study and Equity Analysis to reexamine the RTD fare system holistically, taking into consideration equity, affordability, and simplicity.

RTD is taking a customer-centric approach to this study, with opportunities for customers as well as stakeholders and the community members that we serve to help shape the direction of this study. RTD will explore and evaluate potential changes to the fare structure and pass programs throughout 2022, with consideration of study recommendations by the RTD Board of Directors planned for early 2023.

Study Goals

The goals of the study address three foundational aspects of the RTD fare system:


  • Support transit reliant/financially burdened customers
  • Provide equitable and fair access to fares, products, and discounts regardless of race, color, national origin, income status, and for other marginalized communities    


  • Align fares with the value of the service received


  • Make fares easy to understand, with standardized discounts and streamlined fare payment options
These goals will direct the overall study, guide development and evaluation of alternatives and be used to determine success.

What Do You Think?

RTD wants to understand what you, the customers, think about fares. RTD wants to know your opinions and preferences on current RTD fares and how RTD can improve them. RTD also wants to know more about you and how you use RTD transit services.

  • What do you think about current RTD fares?
  • How can RTD make fares simpler, more affordable, and more equitable?
  • What changes would you make to RTD fares?

Previous Customer and Community Meetings

Previous Community Partner Focus Groups

Engagement Milestones

Get Involved

Has it been years since you used an RTD service? No matter how you answered, RTD wants to hear from you! Your feedback will inform this study and help identify options and alternatives for consideration and evaluation. There will also be a series of engagements including surveys, customer and community meetings, and more.

To be notified when there are opportunities to share your thoughts, simply add yourself to our mailing list. If you wish to stay anonymous, please type “anonymous” in the name and email fields.


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  • Identify challenges with current fare system
  • Receive input on fare structure preferences


illustration of people at a bus stop
  • Educate community and stakeholders on tradeoffs considered when evaluating alternatives
  • Share conceptual options for initial feedback


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  • Evaluate and identify trade-offs between alternatives



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Feedback Panels

RTD is engaging stakeholder groups — those representing larger constituencies — through three Feedback Panels: Equity, Pass Program, and Jurisdiction. The Feedback Panels will use customer and community input to provide feedback to RTD on how RTD’s fare structure can meet the study’s goals (equity, affordability, and simplicity), fulfill customer and community needs, and balance trade-offs among all goals and needs. The three Feedback Panels will convene during each of the three engagement milestones. Access meeting materials

Three Feedback Panels

  • Equity Feedback Panel: Membership is balanced among different marginalized communities and organizations working with those communities: low-income, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), English Language Learners, immigrant populations, people with disabilities, youth, seniors, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ), and people experiencing houselessness. RTD has selected members for their expertise and insight on equity issues.

  • Pass Program Feedback Panel: Membership is balanced among different pass programs: employers, schools, universities/colleges, nonprofits, and neighborhood associations.
  • Jurisdiction Feedback Panel: Membership includes formal jurisdictions, including state, regional, city, town, and transportation management organizations/associations.

Effective Communications

RTD will take steps to ensure that communication with members of the public with disabilities is effective throughout the study. Persons who require materials in alternative formats, need sign language interpretation, or require other communication consideration for participation, please contact RTD’s ADA Manager at [email protected]. Please provide three business day notice for services to be arranged.