15L Route Improvement Project

The 15/15L bus routes along East Colfax traditionally serve over 20,000 customers per day, the same ridership level as some of RTD’s rail lines. To enhance the customer experience along this busy corridor, RTD is upgrading 15L stops between Broadway and I-225 to include shelters with lighting and security cameras. Other upgrades like queue bypass lanes, transit signal priority and bus bulbs in key locations will also enhance the customer experience by improving operations. Street and sidewalk construction was completed in 2020 and the installation of bus shelters and additional amenities is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. Together with the Colfax Corridor BRT Project, these improvements will transform the future of East Colfax transit services.

15L 8.23.21

Bus Stop Improvements

15L bus stops will include enhanced shelters with transparent weather protection, benches and trash receptacles. Most stops will include security cameras, lighting and lit map/schedule displays. There will also be Programmable Information Display Systems (PIDS) at stops with the highest number of boardings and transfers.

Operational Improvements

  • Bus bulbs (curb extensions) at 11 stops will provide more customer waiting space and reduce service delays by allowing buses to stop in the travel lane instead of having to pull to the curb.
  • Transit Signal Priority (TSP) at 12 intersections in Denver will provide longer green lights for buses to progress along Colfax.
  • Queue bypass lanes at four intersections allow buses to share a right turn-only lane and bypass general purpose traffic waiting at a red light. 

Travel Impacts

  • Bus service: Temporary bus stop closures are expected during shelter installations. Adjacent stops in the same direction will not be closed at the same time. To receive closure updates, sign up for RTD Rider Alerts.

  • Pedestrian access: Sidewalks near bus stops may be closed during shelter installations. A signed detour route will be provided for temporary sidewalk closures.

  • Lane closures: Parking and lane closures are anticipated during shelter installation. 

15L bus shelter rendering Broadway

Rendering of enhanced bus shelter at Colfax and Broadway

15L bus shelter rendering Lincoln

Rendering of enhanced bus shelter at Colfax and Lincoln

15L bus bulb rendering

Rendering of bus bulbs, also known as curb extensions