Two projects were completed to modernize Civic Center Station and establish a vision for the future:

Civic Center Station Rehabilitation Project

Civic Center Station was modernized to provide better connections and enhance quality of service.

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Civic Center Transit District Plan

The Civic Center Transit District Plan was developed to establish a long-term vision and identity for the area around Civic Center Station.

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Civic Center Station Rehabilitation Project

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About the Project

Civic Center Station serves as one of RTD’s busiest regional bus transit centers with eighteen routes serving an average of 15,000 passengers a day. It provides a turnaround point for the 16th Street Free MallRide and is also the location of the Civic Center Plaza - an integral part of the downtown landscape for more than three decades.

The state-of-the-art design features:

  • An open and welcoming environment design
  • Nine bus bays
  • Glass-enclosed terminal building
  • Bus concourse rebuild
  • Bus ramp extension connecting Broadway to Lincoln
  • Open view from 16th Street Mall to the State Capitol
  • Land parcel preserved for future development opportunities
  • A building structure that is easier to maintain and repair long-term

Civic Center Station

Civic Center Station re-opened in 2017. The station was renovated into a multi-modal transit center that provides better connections and enhances the quality of service we provide our passengers.

Bus Service

The following routes serve the station: 
0L, 3L, 16L, 83D, 83L, 87L, 100L, 116X, 122X, CV/CS, EV/ES/EX, FF4, FF7, P, RC/RX, Free MallRide, and Free MetroRide.

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Sales Outlet

Buy passes or ticket books from the sales outlet.

Civic Center Station Map

Civic Center Station Map

Sales Outlet & Lost and Found

The Sales Outlet and Lost and Found are located inside Civic Center Station.


About the Plan

RTD and the City and County of Denver, in partnership with the Downtown Denver Partnership and Downtown Denver Business Improvement District sponsored the Civic Center Transit District Plan (CCTDP) to establish a long-term vision and identify projects that are near implementation for the future of the station area as a revitalized urban transit hub and new downtown anchor. 

As a complement to the Civic Center Station Renovation Project, the CCTDP addresses mobility and safety challenges for major street corridors surrounding the station, the absence of economic development in the area, and the social activities and physical conditions that detract from the security and healthy urban environment. 

The plan establishes a long-term vision for the new transit district that includes transit operations, multi-modal mobility and connectivity, public realm planning and economic development opportunities within the transit district. The effort also involved analysis of short, medium and long-term implementation strategies for a 20,000 square-foot developable parcel along the north side of Colfax Avenue between Broadway and Lincoln streets. 

The Civic Center Transit District is a model of how multiple transit services can organize within a very active, yet constrained urban area while maintaining high-quality connectivity for bicycles, pedestrians and vehicles.

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  • Mobility
    Reimagine Civic Center Station as the complement to DUS and the major mobility hub for the southeast sector of Downtown Denver.
  • Connectivity
    Endorse planned, complete networks for transit, pedestrian and bicyclists to connect the district internally and externally to its neighbors.
  • Economic Development
    Optimize economic development potential by creating strategies to catalyze redevelopment of underutilized properties.
  • Placemaking
    Create a CCTD Public Realm Plan with a distinct sense of place that anchors 16th Street Mall, creates a unique district identity, and fosters more inviting pedestrian and bicycle connections to its surroundings.