Advertising Policy And Objective

It is the purpose of RTD’s advertising program to

  • Utilize space on the interior and exterior of its busses and rail vehicles for advertising purposes, RTD Advertising, Corporate Partnership Program and public service messages to generate revenue for the construction, operations and maintenance of the District’s facilities and services,
  • to provide information to the public by or about the District and which are produced by the District
  • to provide information to the public about federal state and local, government, programs and activities when requested specifically by other government agencies (Government Communications)in furtherance of RTD’s efforts to promote the welfare of the citizens of the state of Colorado and to cooperate with its federal, state and local partners


RTD uses the space on RTD rolling stock for the purpose of placement of advertisement only in those locations made available by RTD for that purpose. This policy applies to sale of that space for advertising purposes. Any naming rights or sponsorship of RTD lines or facilities will be governed by separate policies and programs.


It is RTD’s intent that advertising be permitted only on RTD rolling stock Advertising will not be placed in stations, buildings, or available through RTD electronic media. RTD’s advertising space is not intended to provide or create a public forum. RTD does not intend to accept transit advertising for non-commercial purposes except for government speech specifically describing government programs or services. No private, non-profit, or government speech intended to advocate or oppose political candidates, political issues, religious discourses, or advocacy of social policies will be accepted. RTD reserves the sole right to determine the size, location and placement of advertising space made available for sale.


RTD will permit only commercial advertising. Commercial advertising is advertising that is designed to promote the sale of goods or services or events promoting goods and commercial services, regardless of whether the advertiser is a for-profit, non-profit, or government entity. Notwithstanding the above general rule requiring Commercial Speech, the following content are allowed:

RTD Operations Advertising that promotes RTD transit services, programs or products, including co-sponsorships with commercial or governmental third parties that would increase ridership or otherwise support RTD’s mission.

Public Service Advertisements from Local, State or Federal Governmental Agencies regarding public programs, public services and public events that are not otherwise prohibited under this Policy.


It is RTD’s intent to ensure that for the type of advertising permitting, no obscene, illegal, false, misleading, defamatory ads, ads which violate of copyrights or trademarks, promote the use of tobacco, promote unsafe behavior or may be adverse to the safety and reliability of the RTD system or facilities or its passengers and personnel will be permitted. To further those goals the following specific restrictions on advertising content apply to permitted categories of advertising:

Prohibited Products, Services, or Activities

Any advertising that promotes or depicts the sale, rental, or use of, or participation in, the following products, services or activities; or that uses brand names, trademarks, slogans or other material that are identifiable with such products, services or activities:

  1. Tobacco: Tobacco products, tobacco-related products, and products that simulate smoking or are modeled on the tobacco products, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless (e.g., chewing) tobacco, and electronic cigarettes;
  2. Adult/Mature Rated Films, Television or Video Games: Adult films rated “X” or “NC-17”, television rated “MA” or video games rated “A” or “M”;
  3. Adult Entertainment Facilities: Adult book stores, adult video stores, nude dance clubs and other adult entertainment establishments;
  4. Other Adult Services: Adult telephone services, adult internet sites and escort services;
  5. Nudity, Sexual and/or Excretory Subject Matter: Advertising depicting nudity, sexual conduct or sexual excitement is not permitted. The terms “sexual conduct,” and “sexual excitement” have the same meanings herein as in C.R.S. 18-7-501as such law may be amended, modified or supplemented.
  6. False or Misleading: Any material that is or that the sponsor reasonably should have known is false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or would constitute a tort of defamation or invasion of privacy;
  7. Copyright, Trademark or Otherwise Unlawful: Advertising that contains any material that is an infringement of copyright, trademark or service mark, or is otherwise unlawful or illegal;
  8. Illegal Activity: Advertising that promotes any activity or product that is illegal under federal, state or local law;
  9. Profanity and Violence: Advertising that contains any profane language, or portrays images or descriptions of graphic violence, including dead, mutilated or disfigured human beings or animals, the act of killing, mutilating or disfiguring human beings or animals, or intentional infliction of pain or violent action towards or upon a person or animal, or that depicts weapons or devices that appear to be aimed or pointed at the viewer or observer in a menacing manner;
  10. Disparaging: Advertising that is intended to be (or reasonably could be interpreted as being) disparaging, disreputable, or disrespectful to persons, groups, businesses or organizations, including advertising that portrays individuals as inferior, evil or contemptible;
  11. Adverse to RTD: Advertising, or any material contained in it, that is directly adverse to the commercial or administrative interests of the RTD, or that tends to disparage the quality of service provided by the RTD, or that tends to disparage public transportation generally;
  12. RTD Graphics and References: Advertising that contains RTD graphics, logos, representations without the express written consent of the RTD;
  13. Insulting, Degrading or Offensive: Any material directed at a person or group that is so insulting, degrading or offensive as to be reasonably foreseeable that it will incite or produce lawless action in the form of retaliation, vandalism or other breach of public safety, peace and order;
  14. Harmful or Disruptive to Transit System: Any material that is so objectionable under contemporary community standards as to be reasonably foreseeable that it will result in harm to, disruption of or interference with the transportation system; and
  15. Unsafe Transit Behavior: Any advertisement that encourages or depicts unsafe behavior with respect to transit-related activities, such as non-use of normal safety precautions in awaiting, boarding, riding upon or debarking from transit vehicles.

Revised August 2015