Reports and Policies

The following list provides RTD policies and reports for various services and programs across the organization.

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  1. Strategic Plan

    The 2021-2026 Strategic Plan details RTD’s aspirations and the steps for attaining goals.

  2. Service Suspension Policy

    In the interest of public safety as well as compliance with federal law, state law and/or the RTD Passenger Code of Conduct Policy, a person may not engage in prohibited conduct on any RTD vehicles.

  3. Facts and Figures

    Facts and figures are published each year to provide information on the District, rail service, bus fleet, ridership, brief financial information, staff numbers, and much more.

  4. Commercial Advertising Policy

    RTD offers the opportunity to use space on its buses and rail vehicles for commercial advertising, RTD advertising, Corporate Partnership Program and public service messages.

  5. Right-of-Way Access Policy

    The proper notification of work to be performed in the right-of-way (ROW) is essential for safe and efficient operation.

  6. Use of RTD's Facilities Policy

    Our Use of RTD Facilities Policy lists the activities that RTD permits or prohibits at our facilities and includes instructions for acquiring a use permit, vendor license, or lease.

  7. Social Media Policy

    We encourage you to join RTD on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, but reserve the right to remove inappropriate material.

  8. Title VI Policy

    Every department, division, and employee of RTD is responsible for carrying out RTD’s commitment to non-discrimination, including the requirements of Title VI.

  9. EEO Policy

    RTD provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment.

  10. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Every few years, RTD conducts onboard Customer Satisfaction Surveys with bus, rail, SkyRide, and FlexRide (formerly known as Call-n-Ride) passengers to help us learn more about our riders’ satisfaction with these services.

  11. IT Construction Standards

    RTD has set requirements for construction and rehabilitation work that architects and contractors must adhere to during the design and development phases.

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