Right-of-Way Access Policy

The proper notification of work to be performed in the Right-of-Way (ROW) is essential for safe and efficient operation. ROW is defined as the track way area located in between the restricted fenced area or within 10 feet of any outside rail of any track where no defined restricted area is present. This includes work to be performed above or below any track as well.

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A right-of-way access request/permit form must be submitted anytime:

  • Work is to be performed by contractors in the ROW.
  • Work being performed by maintenance/engineering that may affect train movements or personnel working the ROW.
  • Track is made impassable for any reason, other than emergencies.

In order to receive an access permit to be in or work on the RTD alignment, a completed electronic access permit must be emailed to [email protected] no later than noon on the Wednesday prior to the week the work will begin. When you submit a request, attendance is also required at the weekly Access Allocation meeting which will be held every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. at the RTD Maintenance of Way Facility at 1350 Rio Court, Denver, CO 80204. If no representative attends the meeting, the request will not be approved.

Download the right-of-way access request/permit form

Performance of approved work
After receiving all necessary approvals, the work may be completed in accordance with the cautions and conditions indicated on the form. Work can begin when all personnel that will be in the ROW have completed the RTD on-track safety training certification and the certification is not expired. Please remember that the completed form must be in the possession of the work party at the work site.

Please note: The times indicated on the form for track access are estimates. Actual starting and ending times may vary depending on the work progress and the requirements for safe train operation. The controller is authorized to make revisions as necessary, provided there is mutual agreement by the permit holder and the controller and that the revision is documented by the controller. No other information on the form can be changed without approval of the Manager of Light Rail Transportation and the Manager of Maintenance of Way or their designees.