L Line Service Disruption 9/11-9/23

L Line Disruption

Due to track replacement, the L Line will not operate Saturday, September 11 through Thursday, September 23.

  • Service will resume on Friday, September 24
  • Track replacement taking place at the 20th•Welton Station

L Line customers are encouraged to explore Bus Route 43 as an alternative for service in the affected area.

Work will impact access along both 20th Street and Welton Street.

Masks are required on all RTD vehicles per the federal mask mandate for public transportation.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to improve the RTD system.

B Line Service Disruption 9/23/21

B Line Temporary Disruption 9/2021

Due to an emergency preparedness drill, the B Line will not operate for several hours on Thursday, September 23.

  • The drill begins at 10:45 a.m. and is expected to last several hours.
    • Once the drill concludes, regular service between the affected stations will be restored.
    • The drill will begin after the 10:43 a.m. southbound train departs the Westminster Station.
  • The emergency preparedness drill is federally required.
    • Drill will be simulating a derailed train.

B Line customers traveling to the Westminster Station can board the G Line at Union Station or 41st•Fox.

  • Customers will need to transfer to a Bus Shuttle at Pecos Junction.

B Line customers traveling from the Westminster Station will need to board a Bus Shuttle and transfer to the G Line at Pecos Junction.

Bus Shuttles will serve the B Line at affected stations.

  • Westminster – Board Bus Shuttle at Gate A
  • Pecos Junction – Board Bus Shuttle at Gate A