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Message from our General Manager and CEO

I recognize the value that a high-quality transportation system brings to its community and the region it serves. I, along with the dedicated employees of the Regional Transportation District, am committed to delivering service that both supports the needs of the agency’s customers, stakeholders, and community members and enhances the day-to-day lives of residents and visitors across the Denver metro region.

This plan details RTD’s aspirations and the steps for attaining goals; it articulates the organization’s vision for establishing a valuable partnership with the surrounding community, pursuing customer excellence, becoming a regional employer of choice, and achieving financial success.

I truly believe that this plan will elevate RTD to new heights through a focused pursuit of excellence.

Debra Sig

Debra A. Johnson

MISSION: We make lives better through connections. VISION: To be the trusted leader in mobility, delivering excellence and value to our customers and community

Our Values


We will be purposeful in delivering our work.


We will demonstrate respect and integrity in our interactions with both our colleagues and community members.


We will honor diversity in thought, people, and experience, being receptive to unique ideas and viewpoints to achieve optimal results in problem- solving.


We will be forthright in our actions; we will do what we say, when we say we will do it.


We will approach our work in a collaborative manner, seeking and acknowledging valued input from our colleagues and the community.


We will commit ourselves to continuous learning and do what it takes to deliver our shared vision.

Strategic Priorities and Success Outcomes

The overarching outcomes RTD departments, teams, and individuals will strive to achieve over the 2021-2022 fiscal year in each of the four key strategic areas.



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Community Value

RTD strives to be a strong community partner, providing value to customers as well as to the broader Denver metro region while sustaining planet Earth.

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Establish baseline for Community Value Index and increase by 5%
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Customer Excellence

RTD strives to consistently deliver high-quality customer service.

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Establish baseline for Customer Net Promoter Score and increase by 5%
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Employee Ownership

RTD seeks to attract and retain a highly skilled and engaged workforce.

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Establish baseline for Employee Net Promoter Score and increase by 5%
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Financial Success

RTD takes very seriously the management of all financial resources.

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50% of outcome is that RTD spends less money than it receives; and 50% of outcome is that the community believes that it sees value in RTD’s spending