Our Priorities

At RTD, we are stewards of our riders, our communities and our environment. We are dedicated to serve the public and meet the transit needs for our riders and communities. We do this by building new infrastructure, providing new, clean and safe vehicles, listening to your concerns and suggestions, and striving to provide our riders the best transit experiences for rail and bus transportation.

Learn more about what we do each and every day fulfill our mission to meet our constituents’ present and future public transportation needs by providing safe, clean, reliable, courteous, accessible, and cost-effective service throughout the District.

Keeping our Riders Safe

Security Programs

The safety and security of our riders is a top priority. We have implemented several measures to improve your security while riding RTD.

Safety Programs

With trains and buses always on the move, it’s important to educate our riders and public about the importance of safety on and around our transit systems. Our safety programs are designed to educate and improve the safety of our riders when using the public transit system.

Protecting our Environment

Keeping Mother Nature Happy

At RTD, we are committed to leaving a clean planet to our children. RTD has been a leader in implementing programs like gas emissions reduction, clean air initiatives, energy conservation, and renewable energy. Our goal is to improve air quality of the Mile High City.

We have established sustainability policies and guidelines to foster sustainability in all aspects of RTD activities. We also have implemented specific environmental programs including:

Learn more about our environmental programs here.