Coping Panels Project

In Progress

RTD began a two-year maintenance project in April 2023 to repair the caps on retaining walls, also known as coping panels, that run along I-25 adjacent to the light rail alignment. The second and final phase of the Coping Panels Project begins May 26, 2024.

The Coping Panels Project involves contractors installing anchors and applying sealant to the capstones on the retaining walls. The sealant can only be applied during warm weather months.

The project has been separated into nine segments, and light rail trains must single-track around work crews. All north- and south-bound trains will use the same track in areas where crews are working, which will result in a train waiting for the track to clear before proceeding.

Southeast Corridor Speed Restrictions FAQ

CDOT’s Bustang Supporting RTD Customers

If you're impacted by the Coping Panel Project or speed restrictions along sections of the southeast rail corridor causing increased travel time on the E and H Lines, you can use your RTD fare to ride CDOT’s Bustang at no extra cost. Through September 14, the Bustang South Line is providing service between Union Station and the SkyRidge and Colorado light rail stations.

To take advantage of this service, simply present your valid RTD fare to the Bustang operator when boarding.

To view the Bustang South Line schedule, visit

Project Overview


Increased Capacity, Better On-Time Performance

Effective May 26, RTD will temporarily adjust the frequencies of both E and H lines. The agency received significant customer and employee feedback about adjusting the frequencies to better support on-time performance, and that is reflected in the May 2024 service changes. RTD has a two-minute video online that provides an overview of services changes.

These temporary adjustments to the frequency will better support on-time performance and reduce wait times of customers sitting on trains. RTD will increase capacity to four-car trains and all E and H line trains will go to Denver Union Station between May and September. Twice hourly, a train will stop at all E and H line stations to take customers to Downtown Denver. Many of RTD’s bus routes provide connections between rail stations and Downtown Denver, which include the Free Mall Ride and the Free MetroRide.

This project is separate from the Downtown Rail Reconstruction Project, but both rail projects are being scheduled and coordinated to cause the least amount of disruption to customers as possible.

While there will be short-term disruptions to service this year, RTD will work hard to minimize and communicate the impacts customers experience this year to every extent possible.

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Coping panel installation
Installing ID panels at Colorado Station