Organizations that help those in need to receive $1M from RTD grant program

RTD will provide $1 million worth of grant funding to 181 qualifying nonprofit and community social service organizations or governmental entities as part of the agency’s inaugural Transit Assistance Grant (TAG) program. Selected awardees include resource centers, re-entry programs, city and county governmental agencies, educational institutions, training programs, and nonprofit organizations serving low-income, unhoused, disability, immigrant/refugee, seniors, youth, Black, indigenous, people of color, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented communities.

The program was specifically designed to support individuals who need a reliable transportation option to support emergent or immediate need. Full story.


RTD’s light rail simulator provides opportunities for new operators to hone their skills

Inside the RTD Elati light rail facility, Light Rail Vehicle Instructor Art Scott sits in a windowless room in front of a wall of monitors. The monitors show various buttons, switches and levers below a 3D rendering of light rail tracks. Behind Scott, a rookie light rail operator steps into a small room with another instructor. This room is not just an ordinary room, but is a 1:1 scale custom-built exact replica of a light rail vehicle with every lever, button, switch, screen, pedal and mirror one would see in a vehicle on the line, surrounded by a 180-degree wraparound projection screen displaying the rendering Scott also sees at his desk. Full story.


A conversation with Capital Programs about rail reconstruction: 'This project is necessary'

Teams throughout RTD are preparing for full-depth work to reconstruct miles of light rail track in downtown Denver, an approximately $152 million project that will begin in May and focus on five track segments at street intersections in the Downtown Loop. Led by Project Manager Jyotsna Vishwakarma, Acting Assistant General Manager, a core team from RTD Capital Programs will oversee this project: Kevin Diviness, Director of Quality Assurance; Paul von Fay, Acting Chief Engineer; Jeet Desai, Engineering Construction Manager; and Kirk Strand, Engineering Services Manager. Before the work kicks into high gear, meet this team.