RTD Board adopts revisions to Customer Code of Conduct

Last night, the RTD Board of Directors adopted revisions to the Customer Code of Conduct – now branded as Respect the Ride – which went into effect immediately. Respect the Ride provides guidelines for creating a safe, convenient and enjoyable experience for all customers. The focus is on common courtesy and emphasizes respect for RTD employees, facilities, vehicles and other customers. It also outlines prohibited activities that are enforceable.

Additionally, the Board adopted revisions to the Service Suspension Policy, which were initially proposed during the Operations and Safety Committee meeting in February 2023. The updated policy sets forth enforcement procedures and guidelines beyond education to maintain a welcoming transit environment. The policy also outlines the length of suspensions to align with the type of offense, and it permits enforcement personnel to consider the totality of circumstances and violations. Details can be found on the Respect the Ride webpage.

RTD undertook a two-month engagement process beginning in April to collect feedback from customers, employees and community members through outreach events and an online survey. The input received can be found in the Respect the Ride Feedback Summary Report. Of the 1,683 surveys that were completed, 77.6% of respondents somewhat agree or strongly agree that the proposed revisions to the Code of Conduct support a safer environment for customers. Additionally, approximately 800 open-ended comments were submitted to the RTD Board of Directors for their consideration.

“RTD is committed to making lives better through connections,” said General Manager and CEO Debra A. Johnson. “RTD is simply asking its customers to follow a set of behavioral guidelines that emphasize respect and support a welcoming transit environment for all.”

RTD will create a campaign to widely promote Respect the Ride and educate customers and community members about the rules and guidelines. RTD’s promotional efforts will include updating RTD’s website along with on-vehicle and station signage.

By RTD Staff