RTD managers to spend time riding transit as part of six-month pilot program geared toward assisting customers

RTD Staff

The RTD Communications and Engagement management team is kicking off a pilot program geared towards assisting customers, answering questions about the agency's services, and gathering valuable feedback. Starting next month, working in teams of two, managers will ride buses and trains, and visit bus stops and stations, to directly engage with customers and gain insight on how to improve their experience.

Customers can be on the lookout for employees wearing RTD-branded vests who are available to offer a variety of customer support services: showing customers how to sign up for Service Alerts, answering questions about how to use the Next Ride and Transit Watch apps, providing information about bus routes and rail lines, and communicating about the agency's near-term construction and maintenance projects, for example.

The customer experience outreach program will run through September 2024 and supports the agency’s initiative to create a welcoming transit environment. The RTD team looks forward to engaging with customers firsthand during the six-month pilot program. Following the program's conclusion in September, RTD will assess its overall impact on the customer experience and make plans for continuing the effort in the future.

By RTD Staff